I love to write and it is always really special when you get an opportunity to contribute in print. Below is a list of my past publications with more on the way!

Magazine Articles


Universal Windows Platform - Building Connected Apps with UWP and Project Rome

MSDN Magazine - May


Using State Triggers to Customize UWP apps Across Devices

Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog - February


Roaming Data Between Windows Store Apps and Windows Phone Store Apps

MSDN Magazine - December

Creating a Location Aware app with Geofencing

MSDN Magazine - September

Integrating OneDrive into your Windows Store Apps

MSDN Magazine - August


Building an Alarm App in Windows 8.1

MSDN Magazine - October

What’s New in Windows 8.1 Background Tasks

Visual Studio Magazine - September

Windows 8 Contracts and Extensions: Search

Visual Studio Magazine - August

Creating a Windows Phone 8 Company Hub App

MSDN Magazine - July

Background Tasks in Windows Store apps

Visual Studio Magazine - May


How to Use Windows 8 Live Tiles in an Application

Dev Pro Connections - September

Semantic Zoom with Silverlight 5 PivotViewer

Visual Studio Magazine - September