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It can be amazing how deep a rabbit hole can go. I recently decided to update an existing WordPress project (more on that to come soon) from a Windows Phone Silverlight solution to an universal app. In doing so, I thought I would snag an API that would make my life easier. Couldn’t find one that would work, so I thought I’d port one. Thus the beginning of the rabbit hole. Then I found that most of them used a .NET XMLRPC client that was very easy to use. However, that didn’t have an universal port, so I decided to port that as well. The rabbit hole gets deeper. Then I found that with some of the missing reflection pieces in WinRT, that porting the existing framework was simply not going to work. So then it was time to roll one from scratch. The rabbit hole is so deep I’m pretty much in the mantle at this point.

The result is a new project on GitHub: xmlrpc.universal

The project is currently functional and supports everything that is needed for my WordPress API client, which I will post on shortly. There is still some improvements to be made, Nuget packages to build, and such. However, the initial release is out for you to check out.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any issues with the library or have any features that you want added.

The project can be found at : https://github.com/TonyChampion/xmlrpc.universal


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  1. Examples would be nice, im currently trying to use your dll in a windows store app that connects with openerp.

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