VS Live 2011 Redmond

Next week I get the honor to speak at “The Mothership” during VS Live 2011 – Redmond.  If you haven’t checked it out, there is an impressive line-up of speakers (not quite sure how I got on this list) talking about all of the latest Microsoft technologies.  Did I mention that it was being held on the Microsoft campus? 🙂

If you are planning on attending the conference, make sure you find me and say hi.  I will be speaking on the Silverlight PivotViewer and WP7 Instrumentation.  There are a ton of great sessions to check out and I’m excited about seeing several of them myself.

I am always up for some good geek talk and I will be in Redmond all week.  Feel free to track me down there or ping online either via Twitter (@tonychampion) or via my e-mail (tony@tonychampion.net).  Look forward to seeing all of you there.

Here are my two sessions that I will be presenting:

TH2 Bringing the Silverlight PivotViewer to your Applications

The Silverlight team has made significant improvements to the latest version of the PivotViewer. With the addition of dynamic client-side XAML collections, the PivotViewer can provide a unique and powerful experience to your users. Explore the fundamentals of PivotViewer, how to create dynamic collections, and discover how to incorporate PivotViewer into your applications.
You will learn:

  • An exploration of the Silverlight PivotViewer to include a tour of the control, defining the concept of collections, and describing how the user interacts with these collections
  • Demonstration of how to create applications that contain the PivotViewer control, which will also include how to develop and use collections within the control
  • Discuss and show examples of how to incorporate PivotViewer into applications, highlighting the unique experience that it can bring to your application

TH18 Windows Phone 7 Instrumentation – How to Learn from your App

As a mobile developer, how the user experiences and interacts with your application should always be your primary focus.  By properly instrumenting your application, you can answer questions like how much time the user is spending in your application, which features they are using, and how the user navigates within your application.  Discover how to instrument your application using the latest tools and how to use that information to improve the user’s experience.
You will learn:

  • Demonstrate how to instrument a WP7 application using popular solutions, as well as how to create an instrumentation solution on your own
  • Examine tips and tricks on what data to collect, how often to collect it, and how to learn


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