The Developers Road Podcast

The Developers Road

The Developers Road is a brand new podcast that I just launched and it has a single goal, to help developers find the next version of their careers. Why start a new podcast? How is it going to help your career? Great questions…

Over the last couple of decades, my career has had many twist and turns. Almost like a long winding road. (I know, subtle)

Having had the opportunity to meet and talk with countless developers over the years, I’ve found myself in conversations about careers more often than not. It’s an interesting conversation to have, because no two people seem to have the same journey. I started formulating the idea of a new show a while back that would focus and explore people’s different career paths.

Given the year and how full of uncertainty it has been, I decided that now seemed like a good time to start having this conversation in a public format. Thus, The Developers Road podcast was born.

While I have many plans for the types of content that the podcast will include, I wanted to launch with a series of interviews with some of the leaders in the industry. These interviews, while always talking the latest tech or reminiscing on days past, would focus on the guest’s careers.

I wanted to know what their journey was like…

What things worked for them and what things didn’t?

What things they were focusing on for the next phase of their careers?

What advice did they have for those in the industry?

To sum it up, the first phase of The Developers Road is it celebrate and highlight the vast array of opportunities that developers have in building their careers.

As of the time that I am writing this, I have recorded over a dozen episodes and the first batch are live. Over the interviews I’ve been blown away. These guests have been amazing and it’s incredible to listen to their stories and to learn from them.

Please head over to to get connected with the podcast. You can also find the podcast on all of the major platforms.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or would want to be on the developers road, leave a comment below.

Until then… I’ll see you down the developers road…


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