Here we are at lucky number 7 of our 12 Days of Silverlight series.  I thought I would continue on with the binding theme. I know by now you are singing the 12 days of Silverlight every time you see one of these posts.  I’m tempted to try and put […]
So here we are rounding out the half way mark of our 12 Days of Silverlight series.  I’ve had a lot of fun writing the series so far and have had a lot of good feedback on it as well.  Looking at the date, it looks like I should get […]
Welcome back campers for the 5th installment in my 12 Days of Silverlight series on some of the new features of Silverlight 5. So without further ado… On the fifth day of Silverlight, the team delivered to me… text improvements.
So it’s day four, and we are moving right along with the 12 Days of Silverlight series.  There has been a lot of text changes added to Silverlight 5 to help address some layout needs that have been expressed.  So I thought we would take a look at one of […]
On to the third part of my 12 Days of Silverlight series.  This one is probably one of my favorite features of Silverlight 5.  It has already saved me several  hours of work and is something you should look into… On the third day of Silverlight, the team delivered to […]
This is a continuation of some of my favorite features in the new Silverlight 5 release.  Since it’s right before Christmas, I decided to do a 12 Days of Silverlight, so feel free to try and put the post to song if you would like (just make sure you YouTube […]
The much anticipated release of Silverlight has finally arrived.  I know there has been rumors and speculations, but it ship as promised “by the end of the year”.  I am rather excited about this release, even outside of the new version of PivotViewer.  It comes packed with a ton of […]
One of the added API features of the new Silverlight 5 PivotViewer is the ability to define a custom detail pane.  It is rather simple to replace the style with your own, however, then you are left with the task of implementing several features that you most likely want to […]
Houston Tech Fest was another great time this year.  The event continues to grow every year and there was right about 1000 folks there this year.  I had a lot of great conversations with attendees and received a ton of feedback on people’s thoughts about Silverlight, Windows 8, etc.  I […]
One of the things missing in Silverlight has been an implementation of a “double click” event.  Prior to Silverlight 5 you were basically on your own to write the code to implement this.  With Silverlight 5 out, we were given a new property in the MouseButtonEventArgs call ClickCount.  Instead of […]

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