Silverlight 5 Released!

The much anticipated release of Silverlight has finally arrived.  I know there has been rumors and speculations, but it ship as promised “by the end of the year”.  I am rather excited about this release, even outside of the new version of PivotViewer.  It comes packed with a ton of new features and addresses most of the issues that developers have come across in previous versions.

You can find the official release announcement on over on the Silverlight Team’s Blog.  I’m sure the Twitterverse and Blogosphere will be packed with announcements as well.  So what are you waiting for, run out and get the new download on the Silverlight Download page.

Also go take a look at Pete Brown’s blog for a fairly detailed list of features.

What, still here?  Good.

Since it’s Christmas time and we got a new Silverlight release, I decided to do a 12 Days of Silverlight series to showcase some of the new SL5 features.  Should be fun, so make sure you stop back by to check those out.  My PivotViewer Basics series might have to wait till after the 12 days, but we will see how energetic I am.

I just wanted to finish up by congratulating the Silverlight team on doing an amazing job.  As a MVP, it’s been an incredible experience being able to watch the release mature and to see what the team was able to accomplish in such a short period of time. So great job on the release everyone!

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