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Today I released a new lesson on the PivotViewer Lessons (http://pivotviewerlessons.codeplex.com) project.  A commonly asked question I receive is “how do I change the font in the filter pane?”  The latest lesson shows an example of how to tackle that specific problem. 

You can also take a look at the new release here : http://pivotviewer.championds.com


The new lesson demonstrates how to change the FontFamily for the entire filter pane or just specific regions (ie Category Names).

Detailed posts on each of the lessons and a few more challenging lessons on in the works.  There is also the new PivotViewer project coming.

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  1. hi tony, thanks for creating these lesson series, they are awesome. i wanted to know if its possible to compeletely hide the filter panel? I tried you code and setting the setfiltervisibility=false in code, in XAML and in the ViewModel as well but could not get it to hide. Do you know if there is a way to accomplish this?


  2. I found a problem with changing fonts in the filter pane. **If the facet items for a given category are so many that they must scroll… the font change only affects those that are visible. This is likely because they are within a VirtualizingStackPanel. I posted a more complete description on the Silverlight forum ( http://forums.silverlight.net/forums/p/229927/560132.aspx#560132 ). So far I’ve not found a way around the problem.. I guess you can’t change what doesn’t exist (even though I did manage to change the virtualization mode to Standard (from Recycle)

  3. Hi,

    I’m trying to implement the PivotViewer for a collection that could potentially run into tens of thousands of items. I’m implementing this using a JIT collection server, but am hitting a roadblock when trying to address a particular requirement:

    The items are hierarchical – Item1 has children I2, I3 etc. Assuming the user initially loads Item1 and all other members at the same level, and then searches for any other item (which could be at a different level), I want to force a collection reload, such that the results for the search are displayed even if the items aren’t part of the previously loaded collection. So, essentially, a search should run against the server and not against the currently loaded collection.

    Is there a way to do this?


  4. hye tony;
    i’m new in pivotviewer, i’ve downloaded your source codes on this PivotViewer Lessons Update..at first, i worked perfectly great, then when i tried to add my own collection, i doen’t work, the load collection event was failed, i did try changing the uri to localhost but it didn’t work also..hope u can help me to fix this..

    TQ in advance 😉

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