There is nothing quite like the thrill of thoroughly testing an application, deploying it, and within the hour getting the call that it doesn’t work.  In this particular case, the client was receiving an error will attempting to save a large data object via RIA Services on an IIS 6 […]
It’s always good to see someone step out on their own and end up making good.  Erik Mork is an example of that.  At the announcement of WPF/E he created Silver Bay Labs and has become very influential in Silverlight community.  At MIX10, he was interviewed by Tim Huckaby for […]
Well MIX ’10 has come and gone, and I had an incredible time during it.  Not only did Microsoft have a ton of items to announce, but the sessions were great and the people fascinating.  If you have never been to MIX, I highly recommend it.  When else do you […]
Next Thursday is the monthly North Houston .NET User Group meeting.  This month we are doing things a bit different.  We will have several people from different areas of the industry come in and share their views on the job market.  We will cover things from searching for a new […]
Well Microsoft officially announced it’s Mobile 7 platform last week and it has generated a lot of buzz. You can find out more about it at   Shortly after that, MIX announced that there will be a dedicated Mobile app/game track. You can watch an interview with Charlie Kindel […]
Come out and join me at the North Houston .NET Users Group ( this Thursday (Feb 18th).  The pizza and networking will start around 6pm.  Mark Gordon, one of our group’s board members, will be presenting at 7pm. Please check the NHDNUG website for location.  Here is the information about […]
There are several great tutorials around that discuss how to style buttons with a glassy orb effect in Silverlight.  In fact, you can find a great article to do this here : I recently was asked how to take the same effect without the need for a button, thus […]
Happy New Year Everyone!!! Well it’s that time of year again.  A fresh start, a renewed commitment to last year’s New Year’s resolutions, and maybe a few new ones thrown in for good measure.  So that is where I find myself this morning, thinking about what my goals for the […]

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