So, yes, I’m writing a New Year’s post a bit late.  But at least I started it on a good date.  So Happy 1/1/11 everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post on wrapping up last year and mention some things to watch for the coming year. Recapping 2010 […]
This past weekend I gave a talk at Houston Tech Fest 2010 about the Silverlight PivotViewer.  For a couple of demos in my talk, I used a collection generated for the MIX 10 video sessions that are online.  I decided to move that collection to our labs server and thought […]
I had a great time presenting at Houston Tech Fest this weekend.  As promised, below is a link to all of my presentations and the demos we covered during them. The one change is, that due to size, the MIX 10 Collection data is not included in the PivotViewer demos.  […]
Silverlight lets you do many great little effects with very little effort.  However, sometimes you need to rethink your approach when you want to use a few of these things together. This happened to me the other day when I wanted to display an image, round the corners, and then […]
[Update 07/25] There are two important things to point out on this post (thanks to the guidance from the MVVM Light toolkit author Laurent).  First, if you are solely using the messsaging component and not using the DispatcherHelper, then there is no need to Initialize it.  The second is that […]
Since Silverlight 2, the binding in Silverlight has been truly amazing to build applications with.  It’s ease and power has allowed developers to build advanced relationships with very little code. Silverlight 4 has extended the binding capabilities by adding indexed property binding.  In previous versions, you could bind to an […]
So I originally started this blog to discuss Silverlight and .NET goodness.  Of course, as soon as I got the blog up and running, I got pulled in several different directions.  Now that I’ve gotten things a bit more straightened out, it’s time to restart the blog posts. With that […]
Well, I’m about 6 months into the blog and decided to migrate to WordPress.  I’ve been looking into this for a while and decided it was better to do it sooner rather than later. Boy was I glad that I decided that.  I’m in the middle of cleaning up the […]
Well we have been talking about it for a while, but there will finally be a GiveCamp event in Houston.  The event will be held between Nov 5 – 7th in the Galleria area. Now if you have never heard of the GiveCamp events, you are missing out.  You can check […]
Join us this Thursday for an evening with Claudio Lassala as he discusses Command design patterns, Lambda Expressions, Extension Methods, fluent interfaces, refactoring, test-driven development, writing elegant code, and more. This session will cover a little bit of many things learned from projects he has worked on. We expect every […]

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