In my last post To CXML or not to CXML I mentioned that I found a nifty little user control being used in the single ItemTemplate being returned from the CxmlCollectionSource.ItemTemplates, the PivotViewerMultiScaleSubImageHost (yep, that’s a mouth full).  For a brief recap, this control uses the DeepZoom information for each […]
[Updated: 09/03/2011] ————— So it didn’t take me long to find out that this could have been done better.  So code and explanation has been updated. ————— After what has seemed like forever, the new Silverlight 5 PivotViewer is now available to the public.  As most of you probably know, […]
Today I released a new lesson on the PivotViewer Lessons ( project.  A commonly asked question I receive is “how do I change the font in the filter pane?”  The latest lesson shows an example of how to tackle that specific problem.  You can also take a look at the […]
As you might have guessed, I am pretty excited about the next version of the PivotViewer.  We received the first glimpse of it during the keynote of the Silverlight Firestarter last December (  During MIX last week, Nick Kramer gave a talk on “Advanced Features in Silverlight 5” where we […]
Well I just made it back from MIX 11 and it was truly an amazing time. If you were unable to go, make sure you check out for links to all of the sessions and keynotes. I meet a ton of great people this week and got to reconnect with some old friends. So where do I begin? Well, let’s start at the beginning:
I am often asked what my favorite feature of Silverlight is, and my answer in always “binding”.  The binding in Silverlight and WPF was finally done right and it is an incredibly powerful tool.  However, you still run into a few “gotcha’s” every once and a while and one happened […]
Most of the projects that I am involved in have some need of logging various kinds of data to the server.  This ranges from logins to user activity to error reporting.  Regardless of the need, it always seems to show up in some form.  Now I know what you are […]
So I know that this topic is nothing new, however, this is still one of the most common deployment issues that people ask me about.  That being the case, I decided to add a post on the topic to demonstrate my approach. I love the work the Silverlight team has […]
  So it’s the Monday after our first Houston GiveCamp and I must say, I’m still exhausted. I have to admit, the other organizers and myself were a touch worried about how the weekend would turn out.  Part of us thought that we would be sitting down attempting to handle […]
I discovered an interesting tidbit when working on the code for my upcoming PivotViewer series (you can find the code on CodePlex here :  It seems that you can’t reload the current collection from the server. First off, I noticed an absence of any sort of “Reload” or “Refresh” […]

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