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PivotViewer Basics : Dynamic Collections

December 5, 2011
wp-content/uploads/2016/10/default-series-group.png PivotViewer Basics Series (3 of 5)

One of the features that prevented many projects from using the original PivotViewer was the static nature of the collection.  Once a collection was loaded it was not possible to modify any of the trading cards within that collection.  This limited the potential workflows that PivotViewer could be used to implement.  The Silverlight 5 PivotViewer […]

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PivotViewer Basics : Semantic Zoom

November 29, 2011
wp-content/uploads/2016/10/default-series-group.png PivotViewer Basics Series (2 of 5)

Continuing with the series on PivotViewer, the next new feature to look at is the concept of semantic zoom.  “So what is semantic zoom” you ask?  Semantic zoom is showing different visual information at different zoom levels.  In the case of PivotViewer, the trading card image will change based on how large the trading card […]

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PivotViewer Basics : Client-side Collections

November 21, 2011
wp-content/uploads/2016/10/default-series-group.png PivotViewer Basics Series (1 of 5)

With the release of Silverlight 5 just around the corner, I thought I would start a series on the new PivotViewer and how to get up and running with it.  We will start the series off by exploring how to create a client side collection. One of the most anticipated features of the new PivotViewer […]

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SL5 PivotViewer Custom DetailPaneStyle

October 18, 2011

One of the added API features of the new Silverlight 5 PivotViewer is the ability to define a custom detail pane.  It is rather simple to replace the style with your own, however, then you are left with the task of implementing several features that you most likely want to keep (like when to show […]

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Extending your CXML Trading Cards in Silverlight 5

September 5, 2011

In my last post To CXML or not to CXML I mentioned that I found a nifty little user control being used in the single ItemTemplate being returned from the CxmlCollectionSource.ItemTemplates, the PivotViewerMultiScaleSubImageHost (yep, that’s a mouth full).  For a brief recap, this control uses the DeepZoom information for each item in your collection, then […]

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To CXML or not to CXML

September 3, 2011

[Updated: 09/03/2011] ————— So it didn’t take me long to find out that this could have been done better.  So code and explanation has been updated. ————— After what has seemed like forever, the new Silverlight 5 PivotViewer is now available to the public.  As most of you probably know, it did not make the […]

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PivotViewer Lessons Update

April 26, 2011

Today I released a new lesson on the PivotViewer Lessons ( project.  A commonly asked question I receive is “how do I change the font in the filter pane?”  The latest lesson shows an example of how to tackle that specific problem.  You can also take a look at the new release here : […]

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PivotViewer vNext Preview

April 17, 2011

As you might have guessed, I am pretty excited about the next version of the PivotViewer.  We received the first glimpse of it during the keynote of the Silverlight Firestarter last December (  During MIX last week, Nick Kramer gave a talk on “Advanced Features in Silverlight 5” where we saw the new PivotViewer in […]

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Reloading a Collection in the PivotViewer

January 11, 2011

I discovered an interesting tidbit when working on the code for my upcoming PivotViewer series (you can find the code on CodePlex here :  It seems that you can’t reload the current collection from the server. First off, I noticed an absence of any sort of “Reload” or “Refresh” method to make this process […]

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MIX 10 Pivot Collection

October 12, 2010

This past weekend I gave a talk at Houston Tech Fest 2010 about the Silverlight PivotViewer.  For a couple of demos in my talk, I used a collection generated for the MIX 10 video sessions that are online.  I decided to move that collection to our labs server and thought I would talk about it […]

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