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Coding in 60 Seconds Series

January 20, 2015


The launch of the 1st episode of Coding in 60 Seconds was shot gunned a bit, and I thought I would take a step back and tell you a little about the series and it’s goal.

Coding in 60 Seconds is completely focused on presenting new ideas to you in 60 seconds. Catchy name huh? In the first episode Roaming Data, we look at roaming data in Universal apps. While not necessarily the complete focus of the series, the majority of the episodes will be focused on the Microsoft stack. The content will be anything from quick how-to’s, to architecture ideas, to tips and tricks. But every episode will have links, demos, and explanations to provide you more information on the topic.

The current schedule I’m looking at is having a new episode every other week. I’m excited about the new series and some of the things that it is laying the ground work for. There will be a new website launched in the coming weeks for the series. If you have any thoughts or ideas that you think will make a good episode, please send them my way.

Episode 2 will be coming next week, so be sure to check back…..

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