Houston Tech Fest Presentations

I had a great time presenting at Houston Tech Fest this weekend.  As promised, below is a link to all of my presentations and the demos we covered during them.

The one change is, that due to size, the MIX 10 Collection data is not included in the PivotViewer demos.  I have moved the collection to be hosted and will post another entry detailing the post.  However, I did update the Uri’s in the projects to point to the new location of the data.

I really enjoyed the comments and questions during and after the sessions.  Please feel free to let me know if you have additional questions and things you would like to go over.

Houston Tech Fest Presentations

Sessions :

  • Intro to Silverlight PivotViewer
  • Intro to Windows Phone 7
  • Building Windows Phone 7 Applications in Silverlight


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