Happy New Year 2010!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Well it’s that time of year again.  A fresh start, a renewed commitment to last year’s New Year’s resolutions, and maybe a few new ones thrown in for good measure.  So that is where I find myself this morning, thinking about what my goals for the new year should be.

Of course, I still need to work on shedding those extra pounds that always show up from somewhere.  Maybe this year I will actually do something about it.  However, a big resolution is to finally get this blog up and running.  I have been promising several people I would get one launched and the new year seemed like a great time to do it.

So here we are.  What is the .NET Rocker blog going to be about?  Well, I’ve been a .NET developer since the beta of v1 and have seen it change a lot over the years.  As a consultant, I primarily focus on web technologies (ie Silverlight, ASP.NET, SharePoint, etc), but I seem to find my way into most areas of the spectrum.  That being said, my intentions for this blog is to be heavy on Silverlight, RIA, SharePoint, and the ins and outs of web development. 

I look forward to building this blog and hope a few people will find some helpful information in it.

Until then, I hope everyone’s New Year is starting off on a happy note.

Tony Champion


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