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First and foremost, I am a family man. I have a wonderful family with three amazing, talented, and well-rounded children. There isn’t a day the goes by that I’m not blown away by them. I’ve been lucky enough to be married to their incredible mother for over 25 years now. Wow, how the time flies by…

When I’m not working, not coding, and not playing Uber dad, you can bet you will find a guitar in my hands. I enjoyed playing lead guitar for a Houston cover-band 3am Allstars (ask me and I’ll tell you all about the shenanigans behind that name).

Tech… I love tech. I’ve been coding for a long time now and have surfed the highs and lows in this industry. I’ve been honored to have been selected as a Microsoft MVP for eight years and have meet some truly amazing and inspiring people along the way. I love to teach and will jump at the opportunity to share my knowledge.


Tony Champion is a software architect with over 25 years of experience developing with Microsoft technologies. As the president of Champion DS and its lead software architect, he remains active in the latest trends and technologies, creating custom solutions on Microsoft platforms. His list of clients span across multiple industries and includes companies such as: Schlumberger, Microsoft, Boeing, MLB, and Chevron/Philips. Tony is an active participant in the community as an 8 year Microsoft MVP, international speaker, published author, and blogger.